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Sweden approves new law recognising sex without consent as rape 11 may 2018, 10:26am just why is sweden so good at eurovision an in-depth investigation premium. In sweden, gangs of muslims have taken over entire areas and implemented sharia law, and according to investor’s business daily, swedish police have released a report identifying 55 “no-go-zones” dominated by muslim gangs. Extremist muslim appears with his family to plead not guilty to child abuse and training 11 children to the media aroused in me a new emotion towards sweden . The “swedes must be integrated into the new sweden,” proclaimed social engineer mona sahlin in 2001 “the old sweden is never coming back” while it sure has taken long enough, this culturally suicidal spirit is now being rejected by a growing number of swedes, who see their nation’s first .

The number of islamist extremists in sweden has risen tenfold, the swedish defense college wrote in a new report on the islamist threat commissioned by the swedish civil contingencies agency (msb). Orebro police investigator peter springare isn’t likely to be among those mocking president trump for his remarks about refugees in sweden. Two leading swedish politicians have a message for president trump’s critics: he’s right per jimmie akesson and mattias karlsson, both leaders of the sweden democrats, penned a wall street journal op-ed on wednesday supporting trump’s characterization of a muslim immigrant-led crime crisis in sweden.

It is not a secret that democracy can be used to abolish democracy it may have finally begun to dawn on the people that swedish sweden will soon be lost forever, and in many areas replaced by a middle eastern state of affairs, where different immigrant groups (mainly muslims) make war on each other as well as on the swedes. A group of muslim immigrants wants to force switzerland to abandon the current flag – a white cross on the red background. As sweden’s border city with europe, malmö became the new home of hundreds of thousands of new arrivals as they flooded across the border from denmark, having already come through germany, austria, hungary, and the balkans corridor.

The report, commissioned by the swedish civil contingencies agency, met with fierce backlash from swedish academics 20 swedish researchers wrote a condemnation of the report, a report has been issued in sweden documenting decades of activity in the nordic nation by the muslim brotherhood, which originated in egypt. Muslim populations around the world - and their size in 2030 - have been calculated by a respected us thinktank see what the data says. Sweden: christians and muslims headed having sweden divided up and invitations to foreign powers to invade to restore what was lost will be the new sweden reply. Sweden has taken in hundreds of thousands of refugees and rape and violence has since skyrocketed a journalist took a close look at sweden's refugee crisis and at what 'extreme vetting' really means #tucker. The story of new sweden part i if you would know the story of new sweden from the beginning we must go back to the time of our great civil war.

The former prime minister now claims that sweden's borders are fictional and that sweden belongs to the immigrants who come here - not the swedes reinfeldt confirmed mattias karlsson (sd) perception that elections are primarily a vote on immigration. For one thing, a swedish bishop has already proposed removing christian crosses from churches to appease muslims and had even offered to transform church space into muslim prayer rooms ironically, the bishop, eva brunne, is a lesbian, meaning she’d be executed if she visited a more radical muslim country. The islamic invasion of europe syrian refugees and civilization jihad new sweden democrat party, a in sweden by groups such as young muslims for sweden, . From new sweden: around 03 am this monday a 23 year old woman was on her way home in kristinebergsområdet in oskarshamn suddenly three young immigrants close in on her.

New sweden muslim

Sweden is concerned about migrants in the wake of the sexual assaults that rocked cologne, germany and several other cities across europe on new year’s eve, nyheter idag‎ accused prominent daily dagens nyheter of conspiring to cover up a wave of similar attacks allegedly perpetrated by arab . New sweden ramadan timings with complete month of ramadan calendar of new sweden sehr time & iftar time find here today’s new sweden ramadan fasting time. Fears center around the number of europeans who have fought in iraq and syria and could return to the continent amid tensions over terrorism and intolerance in france, the muslim population there is projected to grow steadily in the coming years in comparison to non-muslim populations and in many other european counties.

In this new tv advert from swedish charity organization im, swedes are called on to create det nya landet, or the new country, which appears to just be africa with some muslims and one asian dude. Pew reports some nations will display this trend of change more clearly than others, with sweden expected to have the highest levels of muslim settlement by 2050, at a projected 306 per cent sweden will be followed by fellow high migration nations austria, germany, and france, at between 18 and 199 per cent muslim population. By ingrid carlqvist in sweden's last census in which citizens were asked about their religious beliefs, in 1930, fifteen people said that they were muslims.

A new trend reached sweden hoping to force the jews to live as dhimmis under the muslims now sweden there is no pride in being the rape capital of the west. Re: the new sweden: muslim migrants defecate, urinate, and masturbate in church pews. While sweden wait for 300,000 new muslim migrants, islam radicalism spikes august 6, 2018 bannon’s plan to start a populist movement in europe is gathering power pace.

New sweden muslim
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